Dear Rocky Mountain TEC Community,

We are sad to let you know TEC 137 has been canceled due to a shortage of candidates. Thank you for your prayers and wheat. The team really needs your prayers now as we cope with this loss.

There will be a gathering scheduled for sometime next month for the entire TEC community. Stayed tuned for the details.

May the rest of your Lent bring you closer to our ever loving God.

Peace and Agape



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Welcome to the Community TEC #136!


TEC 136

 Ed Contreras, Brenda Cooney, Fr. Jason Thuerauf, Ange Ibsen, Doug Breinig, Kathryn Cooney, Zeke Anthony, Zach Disberger, Biranna Spade, Julie Gallegos, Mariel Goffredi, Nate Breinig, Christian Cooney, Amber Koneval, Stephanie Deanda, Joe Heasley, Henry Nguyen, Matt North, Kayla Rodriguez, Kelley Contreras, Rachel Hoffer, Joe Heasley Jr., Matther Krause, Paul Niswonger, Hilary Mullen, Sean Roe, Adriana Brown, Dani Buckley, Erin Crawford, Rachel Ruiz



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